JIE-READY STEP 1: Know what you have

The first and arguably most critical step in any data center consolidation or migration is to first understand what you have. Most complex or large-scale networks have grown so rapidly over the years or decades that there is no clear picture of the functioning system. As the opportunity to refresh large-scale global infrastructure becomes available today, experts are building security in on the front end. The challenge is understanding what exists today, how it is (or isn’t) being secured, and then designing the security requirements in tandem with the new system/network. RedSeal Networks provides a unique perspective on what is happening today on the network, how the network is actually connected, and the efficacy of security controls deployed in the network.

jie-step-1RedSeal Networks can provide this unique perspective by aggregating the configurations of core components that comprise the network, more specifically routers, firewalls, load balancers and switches. The RedSeal platform then analyzes these configurations and creates a model of the network. This is a visual representation of the network itself, but it is also a full model of all possible access based on the devices and the configurations of those devices. This model is a critical first step in understanding the DoD infrastructure today and will be the foundation upon which RedSeal will continue to provide unique data for the success of JRSS and JIE.

The model of networked infrastructure that RedSeal is providing to the JRSS project will not only help understand access at a high level. This model allows the capability to drill down into specific access areas, enclaves, single path analysis, and even model access that doesn’t yet exist. It is this flexibility that will allow architects and design experts to understand, from a high level down to fine detail, what is working today and what is not, so the new infrastructure can be designed effectively and efficiently.

Our next blog post will address Step 2 – Defense in Depth.