Entries by Brandon Hoffman, Federal CTO RedSeal

JIE-READY STEP 4: Develop artifacts for IA and ATO

The design and implementation phases of JRSS and JIE will, very likely, receive a significant amount of scrutiny from Information Assurance (IA) to ensure that numerous standards and guidelines are followed. The goal of this scrutiny is to obtain an Authorization to Operate (ATO). There are many different components of the IA process and developing […]

JIE-READY STEP 3: Visualize before migration

The phase between design and implementation for JRSS and JIE is critical. During this phase the most important thing is to have full visibility of the entire JIE infrastructure, even before it is migrated. RedSeal provides the bridge mechanism needed during this critical assessment phase.

Visualization can lead to deeper understanding of the current behavior […]

JIE-READY STEP 2: Defense in depth

Defense in depth is a term and idea that is not new to the information technology world. A classic implementation at the network level of defense in depth is segmentation, or building enclaves. In certain cases, segmentation was taken to an extreme level, resulting in massive decentralization of computing environments. Unfortunately this decentralization does not […]

JIE-READY STEP 1: Know what you have

The first and arguably most critical step in any data center consolidation or migration is to first understand what you have. Most complex or large-scale networks have grown so rapidly over the years or decades that there is no clear picture of the functioning system. As the opportunity to refresh large-scale global infrastructure becomes available […]

JIE-READY: A roadmap

The United States Department of Defense Joint Information Environment (JIE) began to take shape in 2010, as part of efficiency initiatives to consolidate Defense IT infrastructure and generate savings, provide full situational awareness across all defense networks, and improve the Department’s ability to share information between the services and with its industry partners and other […]