JIE-READY STEP 3: Visualize before migration

The phase between design and implementation for JRSS and JIE is critical. During this phase the most important thing is to have full visibility of the entire JIE infrastructure, even before it is migrated. RedSeal provides the bridge mechanism needed during this critical assessment phase.

Visualization can lead to deeper understanding of the current behavior of segmentation and the effectiveness of controlling access to these segments or enclaves, which in turn helps in reducing redundancy and increasing efficacy.



Visualization, identification and measurement allows you to identify and measure all the avenues of access, understanding them visually and through technical reports. RedSeal provides identification and measurement that are not restricted to live networks or devices. The model can be created using proposed configurations or design considerations and present what the network and controls will look like before deployment or in between deployment and cut over. This distinct capability will provide the bridge mechanism needed during critical assessment phases between design and implementation for JRSS and JIE.

Another benefit of the RedSeal network model is faster artifact development, as we will discuss in the next post.