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Digital Resilience: Is Your Company Ready for the Next Cyber Threat?

Entrepreneur Effect | May 14, 2018

With Ray Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer

Cybercrime is an epidemic, and every business is at risk. For management, the question is not if you will be compromised, but when. 80% of CEOs are very confident in their company’s cybersecurity strategies, despite the fact that security incidents have surged 66% year-over-year since 2009 (PricewaterhouseCoopers). In fact, few are prepared, explains cybersecurity expert Ray A. Rothrock, who demystifies cyber risk and clearly outlines strategies for both surviving attacks and thriving even while under assault.

Everyday MBA: Is Your Company Ready for the Next Cyber Threat?

Everyday MBA | May 12, 2018

With Ray Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer

Ray Rothrock discusses his book “Digital Resilience” and what executives, business owners and technical experts should know about potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities and breaches in network and data security. Ray is the CEO at RedSeal, a leader in network modeling and cyber risk scoring. He’s got a masters in nuclear engineering and an MBA from Harvard. Listen for three action items you can use to take advantage of the ideas in this interview.

Cyber Security and Defending Your Data – How to Promote Your Digital Resilience

Global Marketing Alliance | May 1, 2018 

By Ray Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer

It might be a grim necessity and a tiresome back-office expense, but tackling cyber security by creating digital resilience should be viewed not as a cost, but as an investment, says Ray Rothrock. Don’t build a wall as defence against cyber attackers, he says – that can prevent growth. Build an army to display how well your brand is continuing to invest in security and can thus be trusted. Here’s how:

School for Startups Radio: Ray Rothrock

School for Startups | April 18, 2018

With Ray Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer

Join host Jim Beach everyday at 2:00pm EST on AMFM247 Radio as he interviews entrepreneurs and great authors that can help you grow your business, or start one. In this episode, he is joined by RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock, the author of “Digital Resilience,” a non-technical book for management, leaders and really just about anyone interested in getting control of their cyber threat.

Video: American Dreams – Ray Rothrock and Digital Resilience

American Dreams | April 5, 2018

By Ray Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer

No one is immune to hacking- including systems not connected to the internet. No matter how much budget to pour into cyber security, its only a matter of time until your company is hacked. This is a principle that we’ve seen emerging in recent years. How should companies respond when they are under attack? How can they mitigate the damage and protect their most sensitive information?

Ray Rothrock is a veteran in the cyber industry and emphasizes in his new book, Digital Resilience, that it’s not enough for a company to have heavy barriers of defense- the hackers will still get inside, what companies need to focus on today is resilience.

Ray Rothrock: Tech Investor Who Runs on Optimism

Tau Beta Pi – The Bent | April 4, 2018

With Ray Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer

Ray Rothrock, the general manager at the Rockefeller family’s venture capital firm, Venrock, moves fast. When opportunity presents itself–and sometimes even when it does not–he plunges forward, certain that action will create its own luck.