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Sarder TV with Ray Rothrock

Sarder TV | August 24, 2018

With Ray Rothrock, RedSeal CEO

Ray Rothrock is a venture capitalist and former partner at Venrock, he has invested primarily in the industries of infosecurity and energy. Rothrock is currently the CEO of RedSeal Inc. and serves on the board of directors of several other companies, as well as the board for the Northern California chapter of NACD.

We sit down for a full video interview to discuss cyber attacks, their impact on business and his journey to success.

How to solve the human challenges of cybersecurity

TechRepublic | June 27, 2018

With Ray Rothrock, RedSeal CEO

To respond to cyberattacks, companies must invest in training and education, says RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock in a talk with TechRepublic Senior Writer Dan Patterson.

Video: American Dreams – Ray Rothrock and Digital Resilience

American Dreams | April 5, 2018

By Ray Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer

No one is immune to hacking- including systems not connected to the internet. No matter how much budget to pour into cyber security, its only a matter of time until your company is hacked. This is a principle that we’ve seen emerging in recent years. How should companies respond when they are under attack? How can they mitigate the damage and protect their most sensitive information?

Ray Rothrock is a veteran in the cyber industry and emphasizes in his new book, Digital Resilience, that it’s not enough for a company to have heavy barriers of defense- the hackers will still get inside, what companies need to focus on today is resilience.

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Taught at Business Schools

TechRepublic | Feb 5, 2018

With Ray Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer

The cybersecurity skills gap might be one of the best ways for a company to become more cyber secure. Often we look at technological solutions but training and education of workers, of employees, remains one of the most effective tactics. RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock joins TechRepublic Senior Writer Dan Patterson for a conversation about teaching nuanced cyber defense, business strategy, and teaching leadership how to keep up with the fast shifts in security.

The Age of Cyber Safety with Ray Rothrock

Middle Market Executive | November 30, 2017

The year 2017 has been a memorable growth chapter for Sunnyvale, California’s RedSeal. Having fine-tuned its customer offerings,  the cybersecurity middleweight is now seeking to sound the cyber alarm and wake up corporate America to a threat now mushrooming at every digital connection. RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock explains the threat, challenge, and opportunity fueling RedSeal’s impressive growth.

RedSeal CEO Joins Cheddar TV to Talk Equifax Breach, “Bad Governance”

Cheddar | October 3, 2017

With Ray Rothrock, RedSeal Chief Executive Officer

RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock joined Cheddar TV’s this morning to discuss the the Equifax data breach, the response from retiring CEO Richard Smith, and how this was ultimately a “case of bad, bad governance.”

RedSeal CEO Joins Cheddar TV’s “Closing Bell” to Talk Petya, Cyberattack Impact on Business

Cheddar | July 6, 2017


RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock joined Cheddar TV’s “Closing Bell” show to discuss the impact of cyberattacks on sales and stock prices, and our own government’s ability to be resilient.

Ray’s segment starts at the 1:25:24 mark of the video.

RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock Shares Insights on Mad Money with Jim Cramer


Our CEO Ray Rothrock shared the latest on cybersecurity as a guest on Mad Money with Jim Cramer (CNBC) today, covering a variety of topics – from why perfect firewall management doesn’t provide perfect protection, to the risk of a hacking attack on electrical grids and nuclear power plants.