Tales from the Trenches: Vol 6 — Barely-Passive Aggressive

Since 2004, RedSeal has helped our customers See and Secure their entire complex network. And while those customers may have understood the value of understanding their environment, how it was connected and see what’s at risk, there is often an “Aha” moment when the true significance is clear. The stories of these moments are lore within the walls of RedSeal. But these tales so clearly illustrate the value of RedSeal beyond just theory that we think they’re worth sharing. In the words of our team in the field, the ones working directly with our customers, this blog series will share the moments where it all gets real.

In this edition of the series Bill Burge, RedSeal Professional Services shows the network as configured, not necessarily as designed, with RedSeal.

Barely-Passive Aggressive

While working with a global reach chip manufacturer, a new member was added to those who helped manage RedSeal.

He had spent over a dozen years working his way up the Network Operations group to become one of their top network architects, and his knowledge of the network was determined to be of great value to the Security Architecture group.

As we were reviewing some of the RedSeal findings and giving him a tour of the capabilities of the deployment, it was pretty obvious he was neither impressed nor entertained. With his history of designing, building, and managing the network; he was almost offended that some product could tell him ANYTHING that he didn’t already know about his network.

Reviewing Model Issues, specifically Overlapping Subnets, I’m explaining how there can be multiple reasons why they might exist, but many times they are a simple typo in a netmask. We found such an example.

He proceeds to dig into the config with the intent of showing us how “RedSeal got it wrong”. (I’m preparing for this to spiral into a very bad scene.)
He finds the line, and he finds the typo.

The room gets REAL quiet and I’m holding my breath. Finally, he sits back in his chair and visibly deflates. He then offers “That’s probably been in there for over a DECADE!”
Then he starts laughing and says “I’m probably the person that put it in there!”

After that, he wanted to see “everything!”
He says “There’s 18 months worth of work to fix just the things I’ve seen today!”  His teammates point out to him: “Yes, but it’s not YOUR job anymore to fix it.” (Big smile.)

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