Update: Responding to the Shadow Broker Vulnerabilities

Last week, the Shadow Brokers hacker group made national headlines by leaking zero-day firewall vulnerabilities, and offering additional exploits for sale through auction. In response, the RedSeal team produced:

  1. A blog post on how major infrastructure vulnerabilities produce the same questions – and how digital resilience puts organizations in the best position to respond.
  2. A step by step “how-to” that shows how network teams can use RedSeal to understand their potential exposure – and to what degree.
  3. A video demonstration of how defenders can use RedSeal to understand the extent of the problem in their specific network.

The feedback we received was tremendous, and we wanted to share a response we received from a customer:

“I sent it out to several of our key users here because I love when you guys do this.  It enabled me to highlight that RedSeal is useful for zero days when there is no patch…

Funny timing as well by the way – the order to identify affected firewalls just came out this morning and we have to respond by tomorrow, so I spent the day researching and working on something before I remembered you sent this and made my life easier. So thank you.”

Have questions, or want to understand how RedSeal can help you with the next inevitable vulnerability hack? Contact us here.