RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock Talks Cybersecurity on Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer

Our CEO Ray Rothrock shared the latest on cybersecurity as a guest on Mad Money with Jim Cramer (CNBC) today, covering a variety of topics – from why perfect firewall management doesn’t provide perfect protection, to the risk of a hacking attack on electrical grids and nuclear power plants.

Credit: CNBC

Some highlights:

Jim: What goes into my digital resilience score?

Ray: There are three things that really matter. First is configuration checks. You’ve got all this equipment—network equipment—it’s probably configured by really good people, but it may not be perfect. We can assign that.

Vulnerabilities—that’s what everyone talks about. Vulnerabilities are interesting but you need to know where it is in the network. Is it reachable for the bad guys on the outside? We can tell you that. So why spend all your time scanning and fixing a computer that’s not reachable? That’d be a waste of your time and money.

And the third thing – and this is what gets the CISOs quite nervous – it’s called the incomplete model.

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