On Cybersecurity: Two Scoops of Perspective

New York Times | September 29, 2019

Ben Cohen, the co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, calls spending huge amounts on the effort “a tragic waste.” Another urges creation of a cabinet-level agency to deal with threats.

To the Editor:

Glenn S. Gerstell’s article identifies the magnitude of the digital juggernaut and brilliantly lays out the difficulty of the challenge. It is this very complexity that underscores the need for a cabinet-level agency dedicated to cybersecurity to ensure coordination and resilience in the face of threats.

The Department of Homeland Security was created after the 9/11 tragedy, coordinating 180,000 employees working in the country’s intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies. Similarly, in the 1970s, as Americans dealt with an energy crisis, President Jimmy Carter created the Energy Department to consolidate American energy policy and ensure a consistent supply of energy and protect the country from threats to our economy and readiness.

If desperate times call for desperate measures, then surely risky and rapidly changing times call for measures that are resolute. The United States must prioritize cybersecurity, just as we do homeland security and energy. Let’s not wait until the revolution is lost.

Ray Rothrock
San Jose, Calif.
The writer is chief executive of RedSeal, a cybersecurity company, and the author of “Digital Resilience: Is Your Company Ready for the Next Cyber Threat?”

CDM Experts: Data Collection, Classification, Analysis Are Keys

Recently, RedSeal Federal CTO Wayne Lloyd was asked to participate in a panel organized by Meritalk on the federal government’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program.

Wayne was joined by CDM experts from Veritas and Splunk. All offered candid assessments of the importance of data classification and collection as the CDM program moves to incorporate a more robust integrated system of dashboards.

Wayne said it was important for organizations to thoroughly understand what their data environments look like. Once they do, data classification becomes easier.

“At RedSeal we help customers model their networks so they can understand what IP space they have and where the data may be residing,” he said. But all of these deployments reveal that the organization “doesn’t know their entire network,” he added.

On the subject of data classification and protection, David Bailey, senior director of U.S. public sector technical sales at Veritas said, “Mission critical data containing patient information for a hospital or the VA should be in tiered storage with the best, maybe multiple, forms of protection, with lots of role-based access controls.” He added that sometimes understanding what data needs to be protected the most is the most important priority.

Adilson Jardim, area vice president for public sector sales engineering at Splunk, said there should be an emphasis on the “continuous” part of CDM, and that it shouldn’t “be a program that ends in five years.”

Click here to read more: https://www.meritalk.com/articles/cdm-experts-data-collection-classification-analysis-are-keys/

To learn more about how RedSeal supports the DHS CDM program, visit “RedSeal and DHS CDM DEFEND

 — Lauren Stauffer, Sr. Director, Market Development

Industry Experts Provide Tips For Successful Cyber Diligence in M&A

Security Boulevard | September 26, 2019

Mergers and acquisitions can be successful growth strategies for many companies. They bring together customers, IP, and assets — but they also bring together liabilities and risk as well. Among these are cybersecurity risks. “Cyber diligence” — cybersecurity evaluations performed as part of the M&A decision-making processes — has grown in importance in recent years.  What are a company’s vulnerabilities? What cybersecurity issues or incidents have they had in the past, and how have they dealt with them? What defenses do they have in place to protect themselves? Are all important questions to ask in an M&A deal. But even if you’re not involved with a merger or acquisition, the same analysis can yield important and surprising results.

Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud Security Claims Met with Skepticism

DataCenter Knowledge | September 25, 2019

Last week, Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison claimed that Oracle’s new autonomous systems will eliminate all data breaches. Not everyone’s buying it….

Mike Lloyd, CTO of cybersecurity vendor RedSeal, called Oracle’s latest promises an example of “hyperbolic marketing.”

“People find clouds inherently confusing, not least when trying to understand who is responsible for what,” he said. “Of course, if you think your cloud vendor is responsible for some aspect of security, but they think you’re responsible for it, then you’re on a road to a bad place.”

RedSeal Recognized by Multiple Industry Publications for Growth Potential, Cyber Risk Modeling and Thought Leadership

CEO Ray Rothrock awarded SC Media Reboot Leadership Award

SAN JOSE, Calif. — RedSeal (www.redseal.net) today announced that it has received three new awards recognizing its executive leadership, cyber risk modeling platform capabilities and the company’s overall growth potential.

The following organizations have honored RedSeal in this latest round of award of wins:

  • SC Media named RedSeal Chairman and CEO Ray Rothrock a winner in the Thought Leader category of the SC Reboot Leadership Awards. Rothrock was selected for his efforts to drive resilience as a cyber security strategy and further improve the level of security across both public and private enterprises. Celebrated as a team player – who is both a strategic thinker and a doer – Rothrock’s work to create solutions, establish standards, and initiate best practices has greatly contributed to the cybersecurity industry as a whole.
  • Cyber Defense Magazine’s Black Unicorn Award, whose judges included Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank and Dave DeWalt founder of NightDragon Security, selected RedSeal as a candidate with the potential to reach a $1 billion market value. Criteria to become a Black Unicorn includes a proven, dedicated and passionate leadership team, combined with an in-demand, innovative cyber security solution, and harmonious execution.
  • Security Today’s New Product of the Year Award chose RedSeal’s cyber risk modeling platform as the best Risk Management Software for its outstanding platform development achievements. The award recognized RedSeal as the only U.S. government certified platform that can create a network model across complex hybrid data centers –including cloud, SDN and on-premise environments.

“It has been a terrific year for RedSeal, marked by the equity investment from Symphony Technology Group (STG) in April to further accelerate our growth,” said Julie Parrish, COO and CMO at RedSeal. “We have received eleven awards this year – recognizing our platform, leadership team and endorsing our opportunity. I am delighted to see that in addition to our product awards, CEO and Chairman Ray Rothrock has been acknowledged for his thought-leadership efforts.”

SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards: Ray Rothrock – RedSeal

SC Magazine | September 23, 2019

Why Nominated: Having spent decades leading and advising both technology and information security companies, Rothrock knows that cybersecurity for any organization goes well beyond just deploying and managing strong technologies. It’s also about strategically thinking about security needs holistically top down. And, for him, this means that since every entity is a “cyber organization,” the related risks they face are a CEO and board-level responsibility. With this foundation in mind, Rothrock works well beyond the confines of his office, reaching out practitioners, C-level executives, government leaders and even average citizens through a bevy of activities and ventures.

RedSeal CEO Named to SC Magazine 2019 Reboot Leadership Award Winners

SC Magazine | September 23, 2019

RedSeal CEO Ray Rothrock has been named to the class of 2019 Reboot Leadership Award winners by SC Magazine.

Reboot Leadership Awards 2019 honors executive and professional leaders in our space for their unique, inventive and inspiring contributions that improve security, shape the industry, provide thought leadership, and otherwise have a positive impact on cybersecurity.

Are You Ready for a Digital Doomsday?

Kotecki On Tech | September 16, 2019

“How do you recover from an attack and not go down?”

His answer: apply a resilience mindset from the physical world to deal with digital danger. 

Cyber attacks threaten security of 2020 election

The Mercury News | September 15, 2019

Intelligent CISO: Security in the data centre

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