Get the latest enhancements in our newest release.

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest release of the RedSeal cyber terrain analytics platform (Release 9.5.7). This release has a longer than expected upgrade time if upgraded from prior to 9.5.4 release due to a major database upgrade. Please review the release notes and support portal for more information.

With this release, RedSeal now provides:

  • Visibility into AWS S3 service on the Map and inventory
  • Support for IPv6 inventory
  • New firewall report including access rules, hit counts, and rules cleanup information
  • Enhancements to existing health check, inventory, vulnerabilities report
  • Support for TLS version 1.3 in FIPS mode and non-FIPS mode
  • Launch Stratus via a new link in RedSeal’s Java client Home page, to access RedSeal’s Stratus product
  • Disable inactive users after a “configured” threshold
  • Import a compressed file (.zip, .tar and .gz) containing multiple configuration files
  • EOL: JNLP client
  • EOL: Splunk AR/IR apps
  • New Plugins: Crowdstrike
  • New Plugins: Medigate
  • New Plugins: AWS + AVI Load Balancer