What’s New

Get the latest enhancements in our newest release.

The latest release of our network modeling and risk scoring platform offers these enhanced capabilities:

Cisco ACI Network Modeling

We’ve further expanded our hybrid datacenter modeling capability with Cisco ACI integration.  This integration expands your ability to create one, unified model of your hybrid datacenters —including on-premise, software-defined networks (SDNs) in VMWare NSX and public cloud networks in Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs).

Our Cisco ACI integration increases critical visibility into access controls for your hybrid datacenters, as well as alerting you to violations of your organization’s customized policies.

Network Segmentation and Access Policy Monitoring and Validation For Highscale Networks

RedSeal’s Zones and Policy feature enables Risk & Compliance or Network Security organizations to establish network segmentation and microsegmentation policies across their enterprise’s networks and continuously monitor compliance. Today, RedSeal is able to scale with our customers’ networks to evaluate compliance with access or segmentation policies between zones containing tens of thousands (10,000s) of subnets.

In addition, RedSeal now supports PCI DSS 3.2, enabling enterprises to efficiently prepare for and pass PCI audits by demonstrating compliance with PCI Section 1 network segmentation requirements.

New and updated APIs

RedSeal customers integrate RedSeal into their environments to automate tasks as well as add value to any number of complementary security products or custom dashboards.  To support that and satisfy diverse customer deployments, RedSeal continues to extend and enhance our REST API coverage. The new and updated APIs allow users to programmatically manage the queries and tasks currently executing on a RedSeal instance, and introduce the ability to list out-of-compliance access existing between highscale network zones.

Enhanced Security Features

In order to adhere to US Dept. of Defense UC APL requirements, RedSeal has introduced the following security features to harden RedSeal deployments:

  • Strict password complexity requirements
  • Configurable account lockout settings for failed login attempts
  • Ability to add a classification banner line to PDF reports.