What’s New

Get the latest enhancements in our newest release.

With this latest release of our cyber risk modeling platform, RedSeal further enhances our endpoint information feature, which now includes endpoint information from multiple sources.

Enhanced Endpoint Information

In our last release, we introduced endpoint modeling that allows you to import and store host data from multiple sources. In this release, we’ve further enhanced the feature, so you can analyze the differences between endpoint data sources and discover security coverage gaps. For example, you can compare your vulnerability scans to the results of your Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) solution.

This release also improves endpoint search capabilities, so you can specify ranges for multiple characteristics, as “show me all hosts with a business value > 90 and risk score > 95.

RedSeal Endpoint Modeling

In addition to endpoint data from vulnerability scanners, you can add data from Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Detection Response solutions, and other applications such as Active Directory. New data doesn’t overwrite existing sources, so you can consolidate all host data in one place and search across all known host details. You’ll have a more complete picture of the security of your hosts and your cyber terrain. RedSeal is the only product that models and consolidates endpoint data from any endpoint source.

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