What’s New

Get the latest enhancements in our newest release.

The latest release of our network modeling and risk scoring platform offers these enhanced capabilities:

Expanded network modeling capabilities

RedSeal now provides you with a single, comprehensive understanding of network security across your datacenter, cloud and software-defined networks. RedSeal’s platform models complete networks – including software-defined networks (SDNs) in VMWare NSX and enhanced modeling of Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).

RedSeal provides critical visibility into access controls for these SDN environments, and alerts you to violations of the customized policies you’ve established.

Expanded integrations with Splunk, Rapid7 and ForeScout security products

To help your security team be more productive despite ever-increasing demands, RedSeal delivers actionable intelligence from RedSeal’s network modeling platform directly into Splunk’s Enterprise Security SIEM, Rapid7’s Nexpose vulnerability management software, and ForeScout’s CounterACT.

This improves the efficacy of each of these products, giving their users unprecedented network context within the tools, and in the format, they’re already using. Specifically:

  • Integration with Splunk’s Enterprise Security SIEM accelerates incident response efforts. RedSeal provides the SIEM with critical network context and identifies access paths to and from Indicators of Compromise (IOC) leading to other critical assets.
  • Integration with Rapid7’s Nexpose vulnerability management software identifies gaps in vulnerability scan coverage.
  • Integration with ForeScout’s CounterACT prioritizes hosts in terms of actual risk so you can take appropriate action.