What’s New

Get the latest enhancements in our newest release.

The latest release of our network modeling and risk scoring platform introduces our first HTML-based adapted user experience — for network security professionals tasked with secure network device configurations. We’re delivering several enhanced features, including:

User-based access control

You can limit a user’s visibility of the model to the topology groups relevant to the scope of their work, also known as user’s jurisdiction. This allows users to get reports from RedSeal directly, instead of a RedSeal administrator providing the relevant reports and data.

Simultaneous viewing of multiple contexts

The new web-based user interface allows you to maintain and toggle between multiple tables, maps, and searches without losing data.

Improved inventory search

Advanced search to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

Secure configurations management

The secure configurations function (previously called best practice checks) has been re-designed. It now has a new dashboard and a jurisdiction-enforced list of configuration check violations

Oracle VM and Hyper-V

Expanded support for more hypervisors. In addition to VMware ESX, you will be able to deploy a RedSeal server on Oracle VM Virtual Box; and a RedSeal image on Microsoft Hyper-V for an on-premise environment.