RedSeal Secure Remote Work Assessment


In response to work at home/shelter in place requirements, we’ve had to rapidly implement remote work/VPN solutions—and now we need validate that they’re secure.

As industry leaders of mapping and securing networks, RedSeal is offering a 30-day Secure Remote Work Assessment so you have peace of mind that your now-fully remote workforce has access to applications and systems while maintaining the same level of security posture as before. We support the NIST guidelines for enterprise telework security by validating the secure configuration of VPN concentration points.

RedSeal’s Secure Remote Work Assessment includes the following actions and outcomes:

1. Review Deployment Goals
A RedSeal Professional Services Engineer will consult with you and your internal stakeholders to walk you through the Secure Remote Work Assessment objectives and its outcomes.

2. Assess Network Inventory
To validate whether you have a current and complete network inventory, we’ll review the list of network devices you provide and compare it to the network device configurations the RedSeal platform discovers and ingests. We’ll identify discrepancies and potential gaps in your inventory understanding.

3. Assess Network Device Configurations
We’ll review your network device configurations, checking whether they adhere to the best practices of your organization, the greater industry, and those required for NIST compliance—and report any discrepancies.

4. Review Network Map and Segmentation
We’ll review the map of your network created in our platform and demonstrate how RedSeal shows you interconnectivity between devices—including access paths to and from security infrastructure devices. We’ll be able to verify that these devices have the correct segmentation implemented to internal resources.

5. Present Findings
When the Secure Remote Work Assessment is complete, we’ll create a report and meet with you to discuss our findings. We’ll make sure you’re aware of any discrepancies between your assumed inventory and what RedSeal found and share advice for remediating device configurations that don’t comply with best practices. We’ll highlight configuration gaps in your remote work infrastructure compared with NIST standards.

RedSeal Secure Remote Work Assessment