RedSeal’s cloud security solution puts the information you need right in your hands.

RedSeal’s cloud security solution creates one interactive, dynamic visualization of all your network environments.

Unique in the industry, RedSeal’s solution includes AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud environments, as well as Layers 2, 3, 4 and 7 — application-based policies. And, it includes endpoint information from multiple sources.

What’s more, the RedSeal Digital Resilience Score gives you one metric for how resilient your network is to cyberattacks, and shows you your progress over time.

Learn more about some important RedSeal features below.


Enterprises deploying next-generation firewalls can now leverage RedSeal cyber risk modeling to visualize access and validate policies at the application level (Layer 7), as well as at the networking levels (Layers 2, 3 and 4).

No other security, network cyber risk modeling or scoring product provides this level of visibility, understanding and validation of an organization’s security posture.


RedSeal’s cloud security solution consolidates and models all available endpoint information.

You’ll have one source with information from vulnerability scanners, EPP and EDR, as well as from other applications such as Active Directory. The result is the most complete network information available.


Resilient organizations have fewer, smaller incidents, understand and respond to them faster, and can rapidly return to normal operations afterwards.

The RedSeal Digital Resilience Score is the best way to measure and manage your network’s digital resilience to cyber risk. Resilient organizations must focus on three main areas—being hard to hit, being ready for the attack when it comes, and being able to recover quickly.


RedSeal’s cloud security solution gives you network situational awareness so you can quickly contain threats and prevent downstream infections.

Our Layer 2 functionality creates a map of your Layer 2 environment, including the switch port each device connects to. RedSeal combines this with your network’s Layer 3 information, along with your vulnerability scan information, to give you a complete picture of any endpoint on the network.

Product Features