Entire Multi-Cloud Hybrid Network Visualization

In today’s globally distributed, mobile and increasingly remote work environment, companies are quickly adopting cloud services and SaaS delivery models. SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technologies are improving branch office and remote workers’ internet performance, reducing latency, and cutting costs. Security teams must manage risk and ensure compliance across increasingly complex hybrid networks.

While companies may have security tools for each environment, most cannot see how their whole network is woven together and if all access to the internet is being protected.

RedSeal’s cloud security solution and Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) protect that access and enable companies to visualize their complex hybrid multi-cloud networks in one, unified model.

The RedSeal-Zscaler partnership enables companies to:

  • Understand all access paths in and between public and private cloud and physical assets
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities and incidents based on actual risk to the network: understand access to high value assets
  • Accurately locate resources and vulnerabilities unintentionally exposed to the internet across all network environments
  • Interpret access controls across cloud native and 3rd party virtual firewalls
  • Validate network segmentation policies automatically. Continuously verifying compliance with policies and regulations

RedSeal and Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA): How the Integration Works

RedSeal cloud security uses Zscaler API’s to create an as-built, unified model of your network, including your virtual, cloud and on-premises networks (Figure 1).

Using this model, network and security administrators have a complete picture of connectivity, including previously hidden areas of your network. RedSeal’s understanding of your network helps you verify compliance with internal policies and external regulations as well as accurately prioritize your risks and vulnerabilities.

Knowledge of your network and its detailed access paths (Figure 2) will also accelerate your incident response. From a suspicious IP address, RedSeal can identify all reachable targets—even several hops away—and prioritize which ones should be protected first.

RedSeal’s integration with ZIA ensures uniform visibility, consistent defense and ongoing management of your entire firewall and network device infrastructure. Together, Zscaler and RedSeal allow you to visualize your network topology, validate end-to-end access routes, import vulnerability scan data to prioritize remediation efforts, and continuously monitor and track changes to ensure ongoing compliance.